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The Benefits of Cobbett Association Membership

Increase Your Chamber Music Pleasure


You may ask, "What can The Cobbett Association do for me?" A lot. For example, does your quartet know a Bass player or a Horn player it would like to play with but doesn't know of any music for this combination? Or would you like to play a particular piano trio but you can't find the music in the stores? These are just two of many things with which we help our members. Whether your taste is 1760s or 21st century or somewhere in between, as long as the music is playable, the Cobbett Association is the place to explore this little known and exciting world of chamber music.


1. Subscription to The Chamber Music Journal, each issue of which is filled with informative articles on chamber music, evaluations of recommended works, discussions between members, record reviews and much more. The only publication of its kind.


2. The services of our Music Research Staff which can help you find works for various combinations and assist with other questions you may have.


3. Access to our huge core library of over 1300 non-standard chamber music works. We are able to make the parts available to members requesting particular works.