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The Library of The Cobbett Association

The Cobbett Association maintains a copying (not lending) library of over 1,300 works for its members (and not the general public although membership is open to the public). You must be a member to obtain copies from our library which is housed at the University of Western Ontario located in London, Ontario in Canada.

We will only make copies of works which are either out-of-print (i.e. not available from music shops or publishers) and or out of copyright.

 To view the catalogue you  must have Microsoft Access or Microsoft Word loaded and working on your computer. Please be patient, the catalogue link is a very large file and may take a few minutes to load with dial-up service. With Access, when the file opens, click on the catalogue icon. With Word, if you are asked for a password or User ID, just click on "cancel" and the file will continue to load. Once open, you can then print the the library list.

Click Here to View, Print  and or Download  Library with Microsoft Access


Click Here to View and or Print  Library with Microsoft Word


Placing an Order

To place an order you will need to send us an order form. Details on ordering, payment, etc., are explained on the order form. You will need either  Adobe Reader or Microsoft Word to open this file.

Download Order Form Adobe PDF format  Click Here

Download Order From with Microsoft Word Click Here