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Index of Articles Which Have Appeared In

This index is a listing of virtually every reference made to a composer or subject which has appeared in The Chamber Music Journal. These references have been divided into 5 categories.


1. Articles-several pages devoted to that individual composer and his works

2. Detailed Discussions-a paragraph to perhaps half a page

3. Short Discussion-from a few sentences to a paragraph or two

4. Short Notice-mentioned in passing to a few sentences

5. CD Review usually but not always a fairly detailed discussion of a particular work


The first link is to a database in Microsoft Access. This is a large file with over 1500 entries and may take several seconds to load for DSL/Cable users to minutes for dial-up users. We have also made a link in Microsoft Word for those who do not have Access. We recommend opening the link in Access because you can sort fields and choose your search. But you can also  view and download it as a Word document.


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Click Here to View and or Print  Index with Microsoft Word

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